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Military base

 1.Military base need to install the electric fence system:

Military base is the country's armed forces, Highly classified agencies, High level of confidentiality, Its security is vital. Data stealing will cause incalculable damage.
What’s more, Invasion of thieves, very easily lead to accidents (such as access to ammunition depots, etc.)
Life is not only in danger, but also a waste of resources, a huge loss to the country.In order to prevent the case happen, Military bases adopt AC Powernet and infrared alarm, which easily cause human death at present,fiendly fire incidents have occurred, affecting the troops and local relations.
The latter exist Loopholes,easy to intrude,frequently false alarm, and the design is out of date.
Therefore, Set block, deterrent, an alarm functions in one elelctric fence come to play in the Military base with reliable security.

2. the weakness exist in the military base without installation electric fence:

1. Information is important, if have invasion, serious consequences
2 If happen invasion, easy to form a vicious incident, serious damage to the country
3.The intruders dare to break into military base must have high invasion skill, general security products have on effect.

3.Advantages of electronic fence installing bases:

The electronic fence deterrent function: high-voltage grid and warning signs to the intruder the great heart deterrent to prevent the implementation of criminal behavior;
Strong active protection of the electronic fence: When lawbreakers invasion, will be effective electronic smitten cease its wrongful conduct;
Electronic fence to prevent tight no dead ends: the length of the front fence installed from the perimeter, size, terrain, easy installation, no dead ends. Meanwhile, floor installation, comprehensive protection, eliminating blind spots;
Low false alarm rate of the electronic fence can work around the clock: the intelligent alarm delay function can greatly reduce false positives. Small animals, tree branches, as well as adverse weather conditions, can still work properly, the false alarm rate, greatly reducing the number of unnecessary patrol officers out of the police;
Electronic fence with security, IT systems networking: through the RS485 line can easily achieve linkage with other security products, fast networking, security systems greatly improve the security and intelligence;
Electronic fence can be operated remotely: can be controlled by the keyboard, software and LAN host, convenient and quick.

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